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Agricultural Technology Centre (ATC) is an agriculture specialist company that has provided plant and soil lab services, agricultural research, agricultural project consultancy services, plant clinic services, agricultural training and a variety of agricultural technical solutions since its establishment in 1993. We work with farmers, agricultural investors; government agencies, I/NGOs and UN agencies to ensure that up-to-date and context-appropriate agricultural knowledge can be implemented effectively at field level where it matters the most. ATC has a professional team of experts with several years of experience in different areas of agricultural expertise serving clients with high-quality technical and research solutions.

• Efficient and reliable tests to analyze the chemical and physical properties of soil, compost, fertilizer, water and plants.
• Development and dissemination of new agricultural technologies and income generating opportunities.
• Provide consultancy services to a wide range of clients including farmers, agricultural investors, agriculture-based livelihood projects, development projects focused on resilience to climate change and much more.
• Conduct lab and field based agricultural research.
• Provide short term training in solid waste management, organic farming, off-season vegetable farming, production and application of bacterial fertilizers, mushroom cultivation, seed production techniques, etc.

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ATC lab is the pioneer agriculture based soil, plant and compost testing private labs in Nepal. It is also the only private lab run by the agriculture experts in the country. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment and is handled by experts with more than 45 years of expertise. The laboratory has the capacity to analyze more than 10000 sample per year. We guarantee for the reliability and quality of tests for our clients.

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Agricultural Services

A range of training programs have been designed and delivered by ATC to train farmers as well as agriculture technicians. The major training programs include: Handling and use of soil testing kit for agricultural technicians, Basic and Advance Soil Testing, Compost making, Vermi Composting, FYM improvement, GIS, Remote Data Collection, Sustainable Soil Management, Plant Protection, Business Planning and Data Analysis, etc.

ATC Consulting is a roster of experts from various fields, a team of ATC in-house professionals and external consultants that provides consultancy services in the areas of Identification, design, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of Project, Survey, Impact Assessment, Policy Analysis, Market Analysis, Strategy Development, Value Chain Analysis, Market System Analysis, Lab Establishment, Researches etc.

In 2015, ATC started a farm on 0.75 ha of land in Luvu, Lalitpur to conduct on-farm research. The research farm aims to develop, expand and demonstrate sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques. From 2019 ATC started research in biochar at Aarogya Farms, Katunje, Bhaktapur.

ATC supplies numerous agriculture inputs like

  • Soil Testing Kitbox
  • Agricultural Lime
  • Lures
  • Traps
  • Botanical Pesticides/Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • BioStimulants
  • Microfertilizers
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