Client : Letang Municipality
Duration : December 2021

• Conduct a two-day training for stakeholders on "Climate Smart Agriculture"
• Sensitize concerned personnel of the Municipality on CSA.
• Formulate a five-year long CSA plan for municipality.

Client : Practical Action Nepal
Duration : September 2021

• Identify the range of regenerative agricultural practices that can improve soil organic matter
• Assess and understand in detail the needs, capacity and willingness of government and other relevant stakeholders, to support farmers using output-based incentives
• SWOT analysis of farmers and other agricultural private sector actors for adopting regenerative agriculture practices that improve SOM
• Make recommendation and develop guidelines on how government can create output-based incentives that will change farmer behavior

Client : Rural Women Development Center
Duration : July 2021

• Conduct stakeholder orientation on CSA
• Training to community leaders on CSA
• Development of CSA Plan for Climate Smart Agriculture Project being implemented in Letang Municipality

Client : ICCO Cooperation
Duration : July 2021 to August 2021

• Assessing the existing physical, livelihood, financial and social status of Persons with Disabilities in their communities
• Assessing the status and capacity of different coffee value chain actors making the coffee value chain disability-inclusive

Client : Practical Action
Duration : June 2021

• Note-keeping on virtual workshop
• Transcribe notes and assemble documents
• Report writing

Client : Alternative Energy Promotion Center
Duration : May 2021 to July 2021

• Explore current practices of slurry management
• Recommend potential best technologies for slurry management
• Prepare Slurry Management Plan

Duration : April 2021

• Soil testing and fertilizer recommendation to 500 farmers from Nawalpur and Parasi district

Client : Musikot Khalanga Multiple Campus
Duration : March 2021

• Assess the current status of the existing facilities including physical infrastructure, technical capacity, human resource etc
• Test the feasibility of running B. Sc. Ag program in Campus
• Develop a step by step action plan for launching and administering B. Sc. Ag program in campus
• Prepare construction design and budget plan for the program

Client : Office of Bidur Municipality, Bidur
Duration : January 2021 to July 2021

• Soil sampling, laboratory test and soil fertility mapping using GIS
• Crop zonation and selection of appropriate agro-enterprises
• Preparation of agriculture development strategy for the Agriculture Section

Client : Pingdada Agricultural Cooperative Society Ltd.
Duration : January 2021

• Provide soil testing service to 300 farmers from Sunkoshi Rural Municipality
• Fertilizer recommendation and recommendation of suitable crops and soil correction measures

Client : Practical Action Nepal
Duration : January 2021

• Preparation of workshop proceedings
• Facilitation of workshop for finalizing “Multistakeholder Action Plan”

Client : Office of the Rural Municipality, Udaypurgadhi, Udaypur
Duration : March to May 2019

• Feasibility Study
• Baseline survey
• Resource mapping
• Shared visioning and goal setting workshop
• Planning interventions for sustainable agriculture development

Client : Office of the Rural Municipality, Triveni RM, West Rukum
Duration : February to May 2019

• Feasibility Study
• Baseline survey
• Resource mapping
• Shared visioning and goal setting workshop
• Planning interventions for sustainable agriculture development

Client : CGNS Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
Duration : August to October, 2018

• Collect and analysis of data on preference an adoption trend of various kinds of seed (local, OP and Hybrid) in the target districts.
• Inquiry into supply chain of hybrid seeds • Find out farmers’ willingness to pay for hybrid seeds

Duration : 2004-2008

• Trainings on vegetables production, preparation and use of FYM/ Compost and other modern technologies
• Preparation of promotional materials for improved soil management technologies

Client : Department of Agriculture, Nepal
Duration : 1994-1995

• Development of Rhizobium and Azotobacter culture for commercial distribution in farmers’ market