Mr. Prashanta Raut (R&D Manager)

Masters in Agroecology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

An experienced Agroecologist with more than 10 years of experience in agricultural research and extension, Mr. Raut has a Masters degree in Agroecology from Norwegian University of Life Sciences and obtained B. Sc. Agriculture from Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, TU. Mr. Raut’s research experience mostly covers topics like emission from agriculture land, nutrient management in cereal crops, crop intensification and use of alternative soil amendments like biochar. He has conducted field and growth chamber experiments on green house gas emission from grasslands, phosphorus management in wheat, system of wheat intensification and use of biochar in maize production. The researcher is currently working in capacity of R&D Manager at Agricultural Technology Centre (ATC) and manages R&D works for developing new and farmer friendly technology for nutrient management and farm decision making. In addition to the research works, he has also worked in development sector with specialization in Trade Development, Trade Policy, Value chain, market systems, Private sector development, Rural development, Market research etc. He has previous working experience in coffee value chain development program with extensive knowledge in Project Cycle Management concept and logical framework approach. Has fluency in Nepali and English languages and looking for collaborative research opportunities in utilizing organic coffee farming for promoting soil carbon sequestration.


Mr. Shiva Shankar Sharma (Director)

M. Sc. Plant Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

An experienced agriculture and food security specialist with more than 10 years of experience in project development, management and research execution. Mr. Sharma has a Master’s degree in plant science from Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He has worked primarily in the sector of food security, livelihood, agriculture entrepreneurship, agriculture value chain and rural market system development. He has extensive knowledge in quality assurance and facilitation of project implementation.


Mr. Ashesh Acharya

M.Sc. Development Studies, Kathmandu University

Mr. Ashesh Acharya has been involved in development sector since 2010. He completed Masters in Development Studies in 2016 from Kathmandu University. He has expertise in data analysis and android survey design. Mr. Acharya has experience of various research and evaluation works as a team member, performing roles such as field data coordinator, android survey designer, data analyst and external consultant. He has extensive experience in fields of livelihoods, market systems, gender and social inclusion, disability and animal rights. Mr. Acharya has been involved with ATC since 2018 in various projects.


Mr. Saroj Koirala

M.Sc. Environmental Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Mr. Koirala has a Master’s degree in International Environmental Studies from Norwegian University of Life Science (NMBU). Mr. Koirala’s research interests are primarily focused on how environmental change and nature-society interactions can be understood and studied, and in particular how we can respond and manage change. Mr. Koirala have acquired an in-depth understanding of how governance structures and power relations influence current trends and options for achieving more sustainable development pathways. His key interests are on theoretical and empirical analysis within livelihood vulnerability, eco-system services, global environmental change, sustainable agriculture, agro-ecology and sustainable rural livelihood.