Agricultural Technology Center (ATC) is an agriculture specialist company that has provided plant and soil lab services, agricultural research, agricultural project consultancy services, plant clinic services, agricultural training and a variety of agricultural technical solutions since its establishment in 1993. We work with farmers, agricultural investors; government agencies, I/NGOs and UN agencies to ensure that up-to-date and context-appropriate agricultural knowledge can be implemented effectively at field level where it matters most. A professional team with several years of experience in different areas of agricultural expertise, we serve our clients by providing high-quality technical solutions and research.


Advancing food security by providing innovative technical services and knowledge for better yields per hectare, good returns to farmers, advancing rural communities’ economies and improving Nepal’s agricultural sector at large.


Efficient and reliable measures of the chemical and physical status of soil, compost, fertilizer, water and plants.
Development and dissemination of new agricultural tools and income generating opportunities.
Provide consultancy services to a wide range of clients including farmers, agricultural investors, agriculture-based livelihood projects, development projects focused on resilience to climate change and much more.
Conduct lab and field based agricultural research.
Provide short term training in solid waste management, organic farming, off-season vegetable farming, production and application of bacterial fertilizers, mushroom cultivation, seed production techniques, etc.


ATC lab is one of the oldest agricultural based soil and plant labs in Nepal. It is also the only private lab run by the agriculture experts in the country. The lab is equipped with all the necessary tools and is handled by experts with more than 45 years of expertise. The laboratory has the capacity to analyses more than 7000 sample per year. We guarantee for the reliability and quality of tests for our clients. To enhance our service to laboratory clients, we worked with qualified consultants who are able to provide independent advice and interpretation of analytical data.

Our principal analytical tests include:

  • Soil analysis
  • Compost, slurry and manure analysis
  • Plant analysis
  • Water analysis

Along with the soil testing we provide plant clinic services including, disease diagnosis, insect pest identification services and identification of other plant-related problems and their management Techniques. The lab also produces and distributes microbial fertilizers and mushroom spawn.


In 2015, our company started a farm on 0.75 ha of land in Luvu, Lalitpur to conduct on-farm research. The research farm aims to develop disease resistant/tolerant varietal lines and expand and demonstrate sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques. The farm contributes to innovations for improving food security and livelihoods of the rural poor by addressing the nation’s need for Problem based agricultural research.

Along with on-farm research, the research farm’s vegetable production additionally supplies local markets and dovetails with the nation’s aim of increasing food self-sufficiency and less reliance on imports.