ATC lab is one of the oldest agricultural based soil and plant labs in Nepal. It is also the only private lab
run by the agriculture experts in the country. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment and
is handled by experts with more than 45 years of expertise. The laboratory has the capacity to analyze
more than 7000 sample per year. We guarantee for the reliability and quality of tests for our clients. To
enhance our service to laboratory clients, we worked with qualified consultants who are able to provide
independent advice and interpretation of analytical data.


In 2015, ATC started a farm on 0.75 ha of land in Luvu, Lalitpur to conduct on-farm research.  The research farm aims to de expand and demonstrate sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural techniques. The farm contributes to innovations for improving food security and livelihoods of the rural poor by addressing the nation’s need for Problem based agricultural research.

ACT Consulting

ATC Consulting is a roster of experts from various fields, a team of ATC in-house professionals and external consultants that provides consultancy services in the following areas

  • Market survey of various agricultural inputs and services
  • Business planning and agro-enterprise development
  • Design and assessment of agricultural projects
  • Research studies on various aspects of agriculture


A range of training programs have been designed and delivered by ATC to train farmers as well as agriculture technicians. Our training programs are tailored to meet the technical and professional needs of various clients. The major training programs include:

  • Handling and use of soil testing kit for agricultural technicians
  • Compost making, Vermicomposting, FYM improvement
  • Sustainable soil management
  • Commercial vegetable farming
  • Organic Farming
  • Soil testing procedures

Soil Testing Kit

Every year, thousands of farmers get benefited by the use of soil testing kit manufactured by Agricultural Technology Center and marketed by BTC private limited

The kit is specially designed for farmers in the rural areas, who have no access to soil testing facilities. It can be used to determine four soil parameters: pH, N, P and K and can measure 50 soil samples. This portable soil kit is available at very affordable price and involves simple procedure. Agriculture Technicians and smart farmers can run the test with great accuracy with some training. It’s a great asset for projects, cooperatives and technicians who work for crop and soil improvement program.